Amazing gamma knife machine removes brain tumours without general anaesthetic

Case study of 27-year-old Ellen Beardmore, who had gamma knife radiotherapy to treat brain cancer. The 27-year-old, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, who has made a full recovery, was fortunate to live near one of only seven gamma knife machines in England, yet only four of these are being used by the NHS, due to lack of funds. Two treat only private and foreign patients, while one at the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield has been mothballed.

Daily Express

One Response to “Amazing gamma knife machine removes brain tumours without general anaesthetic”

  1. Clive Stone

    It seems to depend where you live once again, as machines are still standing unused. When will NHS England see that their lack of any action is leading to more patient deaths. Present limited options are more expensive in long run. I should know as I’ve had 31 of 34 brain tumours cured with Gamma Knife in Sheffield, which has given me more than another four years of full life!