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The Good Exchange helps Ark Cancer Centre charity raise £1.8m to build state-of-the-art facility in Basingstoke

Not-for-profit, The Good Exchange, has provided key support to Ark Cancer Centre Charity’s mission to raise £5million to help build a state-of-the-art cancer treatment centre. Largely being funded by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the new centre will improve and enhance the cancer patient’s journey, providing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, complementary treatments and supportive services in a… Read more »

Proton therapy not better than IMRT in lung cancer

The first randomised trial to compare proton therapy with conventional radiotherapy has not found a difference in toxicity, which is the main claim for superiority of proton therapy. The trial was conducted in patients with inoperable non-small cell lung cancer and showed that proton therapy was not superior in reducing serious lung toxicity compared with… Read more »

More accurate dosimetry for electronic brachytherapy

Increasingly, radiation oncology clinics are favouring small, mobile kilo-voltage X-ray tubes over radioactive sources to deliver intra-operative radiotherapy. The devices are used to irradiate surgical cavities following the excision of tumours from sites such as the breast. Short-range radiation minimises the exposure of nearby healthy tissue, enabling large doses to be delivered in a single… Read more »

MP says there is ‘no plan’ to move radiotherapy services at Sunrise Centre from Truro to Plymouth as he responds to rumours

After his blunder in parliament yesterday calling the Sunrise Centre in Truro the Sunset centre, Derek Thomas MP has issued a statement concerning so called “rumours” about moving radiotherapy services to Plymouth. “As far as I am aware, is no plan (sic) to move radiotherapy from RCHT. There is simply no plan,” he said. Falmouth… Read more »

Saving lives with the right dose of radiation

Providing patients with the correct dose of radiation is essential to helping to treat and cure cancer. Dosimetry is the science used to determine the necessary amount of radiation to destroy the tumour cells while keeping patients safe. The IAEA supports Member States by providing dosimetry calibrations and audit services, for accurate, reliable and effective cancer… Read more »

Radiotherapy-induced secondary malignancies for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: a pilot study of patients treated via IMRT or VMAT

Patients treated with radiotherapy are at risk of developing a second cancer during their lifetime, which can directly impact treatment decision-making and patient management. The aim of this study was to qualify and compare the secondary cancer risk after intensity-modulated radiation therapy and volumetric-modulated arc therapy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients. Dove Medical Press

To prep or not to prep – that is the question: A randomised trial on the use of anti-flatulent medication as part of bowel preparation for patients having image guided external beam radiation therapy to the prostate.

Radiotherapy is a standard treatment option for prostate cancer. With growing use of escalated doses and tighter margins, procedures to limit rectal size variation are needed to reduce prostate motion, increase treatment accuracy, and minimise rectal toxicity. This prospective study was done to determine whether the introduction of an anti-flatulent medication would decrease rectal distention… Read more »

Nebo Road motel to be transformed into a medical centre

Eastbrook Medical Centres wants to turn Bel Air Motel on Nebo Rd in West Mackay into a new health care services facility. It is the second health care centre application to be received by Mackay Regional Council seven months after the Icon Cancer Centre was proposed in June, despite the first sod being turned in… Read more »

Dr. Mason on the significant results from the PROTECT study in prostate cancer

Malcom Mason, MD, Cancer Research Wales Professor of Clinical Oncology at Cardiff University, discusses the significant results of the PROTECT study for patients with prostate cancer. The purpose of the PROTECT study was to directly test 3 major modalities of treatment for localised prostate cancer, which included external beam radiotherapy, radical prostatectomy, or active monitoring in… Read more »

MP asks Prime Minister question about radiotherapy services in Cornwall – but gets the name of the centre wrong

Derek Thomas MP for Helston and St Ives sought reassurances from the Prime Minister in parliament today about the future of radiotherapy services in Cornwall – but got the name of the centre wrong. During Prime Minister’s question time Mr Thomas asked Theresa May what she would be doing to reassure his constituents that radiotherapy… Read more »