Dallaglio attacks NHS over cancer betrayal

Lawrence Dallaglio has branded NHS bosses a “national disgrace” for reneging on a deal to fund lifesaving cancer treatments. The former England rugby captain, who was called in by the government to devise the scheme, said the health service had “turned back the clock” by refusing to pay for cutting-edge radiotherapy treatment which kills tumours without the need for lengthy hospital stays.

Sunday Times (paid subscription required), The Guardian

2 Responses to “Dallaglio attacks NHS over cancer betrayal”

  1. Dr Christy Goldsmith

    The article talks about the numbers of patients being offered Stereotactic Radiotherapy falling by more than 10% since NHS England took over. However, from discussions at SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy) Consortium UK meetings, we suspect that the number of patients being offered funding by NHS England for Stereotactic Radiotherapy is closer to half the number of patients that were offered this treatment previously, which is, as Lawrence rightly says, “a disgrace”.

  2. Clive Stone

    Is anyone starting a petition about this?

    Personally, I’m writing to PM about this once again as it appears that “the tail is wagging the dog” despite previous promises made by this government, NHS England seem to be setting their own agenda and flying in the face of this promise. No paid up tax payer should be denied treatment in view of the low investment in RT compared to massive drugs budget which cures far fewer cancer patients than RT. As I said on Monday after surviving 34 brain tumours – Gamma Knife works!! I fear for my grandchildren and the next generation about the lack of real leadership or urgency from these overpaid administrators who are simply pushing the NHS into private hands which I expect to be announced soon after the next General Election which will be disastrous for thousands of cancer patients and a national scandal as our beloved underfunded NHS disappears for all time. Welcome to the third world!