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Events in the United Kingdom

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IMRT for gynaecological cancer workshop
The Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London

20 September 2017
Hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancer: what you need to know (RSM)
RSM, London

20 – 21 September 2017
Global Cardio-Oncology Summit 2017
Royal College of Physicians, London

21 September 2017
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Network+ in Proton Therapy Meeting
STFC Network + in Advanced Radiotherapy Meeting
Advanced Radiotherapy, Wellcome Trust, London

21-22 September 2017
MR Imaging for Radiotherapy
Royal Marsden, London

22 September 2017
Radiology in paediatric oncology – an update
Wellcome Trust, London

26 September 2017
New Ionising Radiation Regulations:  What does it mean for me?
The British Institute of Radiology, London

28 September 2017
Introduction to Radiotherapy
O’Halloran Consultancy, Webinar

28 September 2017
Brachytherapy Special Interest Group AGM and Study Afternoon
SoR Headquarters, London

3 October 2017
Radiation protection in nuclear medicine
NEC Birmingham

4 October 2017
Dose Management in contemporary radiological practice (IPEM)
IPEM, Birmingham

5 October 2017
Introduction to Cancer Treatments
O’Halloran Consultancy, London

6 October 2017
Introduction to Targeted Treatments for Cancer
O’Halloran Consultancy, Webinar

6 October 2017
Learning from errors in discrepancies in clinical radiology organised by the BIR Scottish Branch
BIR, Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh

11 October 2017
New consultants welcome day
Royal College of Radiologists, London

11 October 2017
IR(ME)R Compliance in radiology and nuclear medicine departments

12 October 2017
Proton therapy for non-protoneers
BIR, Royal Society of Medicine, London

13 October 2017
Interventional radiology for the general radiologist
RCR, London

18 October 2017
Multidisciplinary management of anal cancer
Royal College of Radiologists, Birmingham

19 October 2017
Hot topics in neuroradiology 2017
RCR, Manchester Conference Centre

19 October 2017
Development of learning from radiotherapy errors: national voluntary reporting workshop
Public Health England, Birmingham

20 October 2017
Managing the trainee in difficulty
RCR, Manchester

2 – 3 November 2017
BIR Annual Congress 2017
Prospero House, London

5 – 8 November 2017
2017 NCRI Cancer Conference
BT Convention Centre, Liverpool

7 November 2017
New developments in radiotherapy quality assurance
IPEM, Newcastle Upon Tyne

7 – 9 November 2017
Conference on applied radiation metrology (CARM) 2017
NPL, Teddington

7 – 11 November 2017
Radiation Dosimetry, Treatment Planning and Patient Specific Dosimetry
Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton

8 – 9 November 2017
Introduction to Cancer: Anatomy, Biology & Treatment
O’Halloran Consultancy, London

10 November 2017
Head and neck: presentations, pearls and pitfalls
RCR, Birmingham

17 – 18 November 2017
1st ESTRO Physics Workshop
ESTRO Conferences, Glasgow, UK

17 – 18 November 2017  
1st ESTRO physics workshop
Glasgow, UK

21 November 2017
Definitive chemoradiation in oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal carcinoma: improving the therapeutic ratio (RCR)
The Royal College of Radiologists, London

21 November 2017
The Economist – War on Cancer London:  A patients journey
The HAC, London

21 – 22 November 2017
Real-time Image Guided HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer
Brachy Academy, St James’s Institute of  Oncology, Leeds, UK

23 November 2017
3rd IPEM Northern Regional Meeting
IPEM, York

23 November 2017
Beatson Brain Bootcamp – Radiotherapy for Brain Tumours: Technology, Toxicity and Treatment
Venue TBC

27 – 29 October 2017
Management skills for Oncologists 2017
Royal College of Radiologists, London

30 November – 1 December 2017
UK SABR consortium annual professional conference and exhibition
Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

1 December 2017
SGRT:  European Meeting 2017 – Applications and Innovations in SGRT

2 – 3 November 2017
BIR Annual Congress 2017
British Institute of Radiology, London

4 December 2017
Skin Cancer Meeting
Royal College of Radiologists, London

6 December 2017
Introduction to Cancer
O’Halloran Consultancy, Cardiff

8 December 2017
Update on head neck cancer management
BIR, British Dental Association, London

11 December 2017
The future of radiology in the NHS:  Top topics for ST and Consultant interviews
The British Institute of Radiology, London

12 December 2017
Annual Clinical and Scientific Computing Symposium 2017
IPEM, Manchester

18 – 19 January 2018
Image guided Brachytherapy Course 2018
Royal College of Radiologists, Northwood

26 – 28 January 2018
Annual Radiotherapy Conference

8- 10 February 2018
Image guided Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice
The Royal Marsden, London

27 February 2018
Breast MRI for Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning & Evaluation
IPEM, London

6 – 10 March 2018
Accelerator Design, Radiobiology & Quality Assurance, Brachytherapy & Radiotherapy Verification Imaging
ICR & Royal Marsden, Chelsea, London

13 – 16 March 2018
Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging course
ICR & The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Sutton

6 – 7 June 2018
European Oncology Convention
Excel, London

2 – 4 July 2018
UKRCO: Disease and diversity
UKRCO, Liverpool

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International Events

22 – 24 September 2017
SEETRO – South East Europe Technology in Radiation Oncology
Sofia, Bulgaria

24 – 27 September 2017
ASTRO Annual Meeting
San Diego

24 – 27 September 2017
SROA 34th Annual Meeting
San Diego

2 – 4 October 2017
International Cancer Imaging Society Meeting and 17th Annual Teaching Course
Cancer imaging and intervention: a multidisciplinary approach
ICIS, Berlin, Germany

5 October 2017
MRI Motion Management Radiotherapy
UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

15 – 18 October 2017
International Conference on Monte Carlo Techniques for Medical Applications (MCMA2017)
Napoli, Italy

22 – 26 October 2017
Image-guided Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy in Gynaecological Cancer:  Focus on MRI Based Adaptive Brachytherapy
ESCRO School, Prague, Czech Republic

29 October – 02 November 2017
Image-guided Radiotherapy in Clinical Practice
ESTRO School, Athens, Greece

30 – 31 October 2017
Brachytherapy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
Brachy Academy, Arizona, USA

2 – 4 November 2017
2017 RSS Annual Scientific Meeting
Las Vegas, California

13 – 14 November 2017
Image-guided Adaptive Brachytherapy for Gynaecology 22nd Edition
Brachy Academy, Vienna, Austria

30 November – 1 December 2017
5th GEC-ESTRO workshop
Rome, Italy

2 – 3 November 2017
ASKLEPIOS Course on Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer Imaging
European School of Radiology, Rome, Italy

4 – 5 November 2017
Image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for cervical cancer
Brachy Academy, Orlando, USA

9 – 10 November 2017
Real-time Image Guided LDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer
Brachy Academy, Quebec, Canada

30 November – 2 December
Paediatric Radiotherapy
Brussels, Belgium

5 – 7 December 2017
Proton Therapy Congress
Baltimore, MD, United States

8 – 12 January 2017
Mayo Clinic Radiation Oncology: Current Practice and Future Direction 2018
Hawaii, USA

28 February – 4 March 2018
ECR Congress 2018
Vienna, Austria

5 – 7 March 2018
Targeted Anticancer Therapies (TAT, ESMO)
Paris, France

15 – 18 March 2018
Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) Conference 2018
Canberra, Australia

11 – 14 April 2018
ELCC 2018 European Lung Cancer Congress
Geneva, Switzerland

20 – 24 April 2018
Barcelona, Spain

19 – 24 July 2018
ESMO-ESO Course on Medical Oncology for Medical Students 2018
Valencia, Spain

26 – 30 April 2019
Milan, Italy

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Radiation Dose Management in Computed Tomography
Radiation dose management in CT provides continuing education to health professionals on the safe and effective use of computed tomography (CT). This e-learning course explores the technical applications of patient radiation protection in CT imaging and is available to participants all around the world.
International Atomic Energy Agency

Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy
The IAEA has created e-learning program – Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy designed to provide continuing education to radiotherapy professionals regarding safety and quality in radiotherapy.
International Atomic Energy Agency

Advanced Radiotherapy
Radiotherap-e is a web-based e-learning resource produced in partnership with The Royal College of Radiologists, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, the Society and College of Radiographers, and HEE e-Learning for Healthcare.
e-Learning for Healthcare

Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations
e-IRMER is an interactive online training resource supporting the training of NHS healthcare professionals in the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 (amended 2006) (IR(ME)R).
e-Learning for Healthcare

Radionuclide Calibrator Course
The Radionuclide Calibrator e-Learning Course has been designed to support the effective use of radionuclide calibrators, in a clinical setting. It delivers the right skills and strategies when operating them, and provides a methodological approach when implementing quality assurance tasks, and identifying sources of uncertainty.
National Physics Laboratory (NPL)

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Proton Radiotherapy 3
Professor Stuart Green, Dr Adrian Crellin and Hazel Pennington
British Institute of Radiology
1 CPD Credit

Proton Radiotherapy 2
Professor Stuart Green, Dr Adrian Crellin and Hazel Pennington
British Institute of Radiology
1 CPD Credit

Proton and Particle Radiotherapy
Professor Stuart Green, Dr Adrian Crellin and Hazel Pennington
British Institute of Radiology
1 CPD Credit

Clinical MR Guided Radiotherapy
Professor Andy Beavis
British Institute of Radiology
1 CPD Credit

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