How magic beads saved a rock star’s love life

Drummer Kenney Jones of The Who on the new op that destroyed his prostate cancer. Kenney had a newer form of internal radiotherapy, known as 4D brachytherapy, which has been developed by a team at the Royal Surrey led by Professor Stephen Langley, a consultant urological surgeon.

Daily Mail

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  1. Christine Usher

    Does press hyperbole know no bounds or do the team at Guildford really think they are the first to “use of a special computer during surgery”, which “in real time, this adds up the radiotherapy dose as each loose seed is implanted, so each patient gets the precise amount they need”.
    We have been doing that technique for 6 years, and were mentored by the team at GSTT who were already very experienced. We don’t use strands only seeds, but that is not what the article claims is revolutionary and 4D. Its great to see articles about RT in the mainstream media, but it would be even better if they were accurate.