New cancer laser therapy hailed

Doctors are describing a new “soft” laser therapy to treat head and neck cancer as a “potential breakthrough” which could help prevent side effects. Dr Shanmugasundaram Ramkumar, a consultant clinical oncologist at Southampton General Hospital, is the first in the UK to introduce the low level laser therapy (LLLT) as a way of healing tissue in the mouth and throat while a patient undergoes chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


One Response to “New cancer laser therapy hailed”

  1. Michael Nugent

    LLLT appears to offer real benefits to patients, and is an exciting development. Dr Shanmugasundaram should be congratulated for his efforts. Hopefully all UK Head and Neck cancer units will have this available in their armamentarium soon. However, I don’t think the team in Southampton can make the claim to be the first in the UK to use this modality. Prof Richard Welbury in Glasgow, has been successfully using LLLT to treat paediatric oncology patients with mucositis since 2012, and has presented his findings at an international meeting. In Sunderland we have been getting great result using LLLT to treat our head and neck cancer patients with mucositis and skin reaction since August this year. We have presented our findings locally. Area areas of viable tumour or dysplasia should be avoided however as LLLT may stimulate these abnormal cell lines.
    Mike Nugent
    Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial and Head and Neck Surgeon
    Sunderland Royal Hospital