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News Stories of Interest

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02 August 2017
Breast cancer patients could be spared debilitating side effects with targeted treatment, study shows
Breast cancer patients could be spared debilitating side effects by only targeting the tumour site with radiation, a major study has found. Currently most women are given full breast radiotherapy after diagnosis, in the belief that it will stop the disease spreading beyond the original area. But it can leave them with hair loss, aches, soreness and fatigue. However a new study, which followed more than 2,000 women for five years found that simply targeting the tumour site was just as effective, with the cancer coming back for only one per cent of women.

18 July 2017
Teresa Howe, Radiographer at University Hospital Bristol NHS shares her NHS story this week on Twitter
The NHS recently launched a new Twitter initiative to shine a light on the patient and staff stories behind the organisation. Each week a new person, either staff or patient, curates @NHS and shares their NHS story.

15 July 2017
Emily Roberts and Justine Anderson Run for Radiotherapy in the British 10K, London, raising £570 for Action Radiotherapy

9 July 2017
Charity team run’s for radiotherapy

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