NHS cancer treatment given £6m for new radiotherapy trials

NHS cancer treatment is to get a £6m cash injection under measures announced by the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt. The investment will be used to fund clinical trials over the next five years for a specialist new radiotherapy, as Hunt reiterated the government’s pledge to “aim high” to beat the disease.
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One Response to “NHS cancer treatment given £6m for new radiotherapy trials”

  1. Clive Stone

    Whilst a welcome step in the right direction, this research funding is spread over five years and cancer patients like me do not have time on their side to wait that long. I have had 31 of 34 brain tumours treated successfully by the excellent Gamma Knife team at Sheffield, although I had to pay £30k, so we know it works. It has given me an extra four years with my family, and yet patients are reportedly still having to wait far too long for access to even this treatment which was promised by the Department of Health by letter, stating “from April 2013, we will be able to guarantee access to innovative radiotherapy where clinically appropriate, safe, and cost effective. This includes the stereotactic radiosurgery that Mr Stone has undergone”

    I fail to see why the approach has been changed, as I sat as a patient member on the original appropriate Clinical Reference Group when this treatment was originally agreed and signed off by the powers that be. What is the point of these expensive and time consuming Clinical Reference Groups if the final recommendations and outcomes are to be so soon discarded for no apparent reason? Cancer patients fail to see why scarce healthcare resources should be spent on 50 new senior NHS England managers rather than on the promised innovative radiotherapy cost already agreed and promised at some £5m!