Parents of toddler with rare cancer need help to take son to USA for treatment

A toddler from Gorton battling a rare form of cancer is being sent to America for treatment – and his parents have launched a fundraising drive so they can go with him. Work is currently underway to build a proton beam therapy unit at The Christie, but it is not set for completion until 2018, so the hospital is instead sending Ethan to Jacksonville, Florida, so he can have the treatment there.
Manchester Evening News

One Response to “Parents of toddler with rare cancer need help to take son to USA for treatment”

  1. N. Jansen

    Regularly we read messages here on Action Radiotherapy concerning children potentially requiring protontherapy. This treatment is then often scheduled in the USA, with high costs involved. Not just for the treatment itself, but also for overseas travel and local lodging for the parents. But why always travel to the USA for protontherapy ? If I’m well informed, there is an active protontherapy department in Essen and Heidelberg (Germany), in Paris (France) and probably also elsewhere in Europe. Wouldn’t these be easier to reach for the UK patients ? And possibly cheaper, requiring less dependence on fundraising ?