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Many patients with advanced form of larynx cancer not receiving recommended treatment

Despite findings of previous studies and published guidelines, nearly two-thirds of patients with T4a larynx (“voice box”) cancer are not receiving a total laryngectomy (surgical removal of the larynx), the recommended form of treatment, and as a result, have significantly worse survival rates versus those treated with a total laryngectomy, a new study published in… Read more »

Cancer dad makes heart-rending plea to Scottish Parliament

A terminally ill dad denied vital cancer treatment yesterday begged the SNP Government to intervene so he can live long enough to see his 11-year-old daughter start secondary school. NHS Dumfries and Galloway are refusing to pay for selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT). Daily Record

Radiation vs CRT: Equally effective for reducing dysphagia

Radiation therapy alone appears to be as effective as chemoradiation (CRT) for relieving dysphagia in patients with advanced esophageal cancer in the palliative setting, according to a large phase 3 trial. However, radiation therapy was associated with significantly less toxicity. Medscape (free registration required)