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IQM offers intra-fraction beam monitoring

A German start-up, iRT, is creating what it says is a completely new approach to radiotherapy QA. The company’s Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) is a real-time beam verification system that monitors the accuracy of radiation delivery throughout each patient treatment without any user interaction. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Combined approach enhances radiotherapy

Combining external-beam radiotherapy (EBRT) with internal irradiation via radioimmunotherapy (RIT) holds promise of a significantly potent cancer treatment. EBRT delivers precise, high radiation doses to a solid tumour, while RIT can boost the dose to the primary disease site and deliver radiation to tumour cells located beyond the EBRT field. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Lab-grown blood, artificial organs – the science transforming our health

Feature in the Observer, looking at medical techniques that are being perfected in order to improve healthcare in the near future. It looks at “second-generation radiotherapy” and says that, by working in collaboration with medical imaging physicists, scientists are developing techniques that they say will soon allow them to image tumours in real-time during radiotherapy,… Read more »

Lead lining optimizes radiotherapy maze design

Researchers at Swansea University have proposed a novel technique for reducing dose at the maze entrance of radiotherapy rooms, by covering parts of the concrete walls with thin layers of lead. The approach could be used to optimize the design of new radiotherapy rooms and help with upgrades, especially when space is limited. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Radiotherapy needs preclinical research

Innovations in radiotherapy have until now focused mainly on optimizing the delivery of a high radiation dose to the tumour while sparing healthy surrounding tissue. But, according to Frank Verhaegen, head of clinical physics research at the Maastro Clinic in the Netherlands, radiotherapy research could achieve far more. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Radiation experts unite to streamline cancer clinical trials

Regulations on radiation exposure have been a critical bottleneck in starting up new cancer trials, but now radiation experts from the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (link is external)(ECMC) network – a joint initiative between Cancer Research UK and the UK’s four health departments – are pioneering a new streamlined system to reduce the time taken… Read more »

Daily and cumulative dose recalculation and in vivo verification for helical TomoTherapy

In vivo dosimetry and verification (IVV) in conjunction with adaptive dose recalculation (ADR) is a synergistic set of processes that provides insight into actual treatment. The intent of this study was to test an automatic, multicenter procedure for IVV and ADR for all patients and all fractions treated on 14 helical TomoTherapy units across the… Read more »