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CT technique enables pre-clinical research

In a step forward for research into radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer, X-ray imaging has been used to delineate tumours in mice. Developed by researchers in the US, “reverse-contrast CT” is achieved by injection of contrast agent into the peritoneal cavity. MedicalPhysicsWeb

IQM offers intra-fraction beam monitoring

A German start-up, iRT, is creating what it says is a completely new approach to radiotherapy QA. The company’s Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) is a real-time beam verification system that monitors the accuracy of radiation delivery throughout each patient treatment without any user interaction. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Combined approach enhances radiotherapy

Combining external-beam radiotherapy (EBRT) with internal irradiation via radioimmunotherapy (RIT) holds promise of a significantly potent cancer treatment. EBRT delivers precise, high radiation doses to a solid tumour, while RIT can boost the dose to the primary disease site and deliver radiation to tumour cells located beyond the EBRT field. MedicalPhysicsWeb

The ‘Best-in-Physics’ at AAPM

A summary of three of the top-ranked papers at the AAPM Annual Meeting: PET reveals radiation-induced cardiac toxicity; Radio-luminescent phantom automates linac QA; and, MRI tracks head-and-neck motion. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Software checks promise safer radiotherapy

Technology that detects whether the wrong patient is on the treatment couch, or if a patient has been incorrectly positioned for irradiation, has been developed by radiotherapy researchers at the University of California Los Angeles. MedicalPhysicsWeb

AAPM annual meeting: product update

The 2015 AAPM Annual Meeting, held last week in Anaheim, CA, saw over 100 companies showcase their latest products and software on the exhibition floor. This article details some of the new product innovations. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Study to perfect proton therapy

A team of researchers based at the University of Birmingham is conducting research to create a proton computed tomography image that it hopes will facilitate new cancer treatment. Laboratory Talk

Algorithm delivers VMAT plan in a minute

The time taken to calculate a treatment plan for volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) could be slashed by a factor of 10, thanks to an algorithm that draws on the power of multiple computer processors. The algorithm, which has been developed by researchers in the US, could allow users of VMAT to spend more time reviewing… Read more »

Microfluidic protein array shows promise for predicting mucositis during radiotherapy

As part of a larger effort to develop and validate their own microfluidic protein array technology for a variety of applications, researchers from the University of Connecticut have published a report demonstrating that their platform can sensitively and accurately detect a panel of cytokines associated with the risk of oral mucositis, an often debilitating and… Read more »

Algorithm enables boost in CBCT quality

Cone-beam CT (CBCT) using on-board imaging (OBI) plays an important role in image-guided radiotherapy. In new work, researchers in the US have developed a strategy that tailors the values of reconstruction parameters for an existing optimization-based algorithm, enabling superior CBCT performance. MedicalPhysicsWeb