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Prostate cancer radiotherapy: potential applications of metal nanoparticles for imaging and therapy

Metal nanoparticles are agents that promise to improve diagnostic imaging and image-guided radiotherapy and to selectively enhance radiotherapy effectiveness in prostate cancer. This paper summarises current radiotherapy treatment approaches and considers pre-clinical and clinical evidence for metal nanoparticles in this condition. URO Today

Impact of radiotherapy when added to androgen-deprivation therapy for locally advanced prostate cancer

The NCIC CTG PR3/MRC PR07 randomized phase III trial compared androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) alone versus ADT with radiotherapy (RT) for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer. The addition of RT to ADT for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer significantly improved overall survival and had only modest and transient negative impact on relevant domains of… Read more »

The FORECAST Study – Focal Recurrent Assessment and Salvage Treatment for Radiorecurrent Prostate Cancer

One-third of men may experience biochemical failure by 8years following radical radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer. Over 90% of men are started on androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) which is non-curative and confers systemic side-effects. Focal salvage therapy (FST) limits collateral tissue damage and may improve therapeutic ratios. In order to deliver FST, distant disease must… Read more »