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Scientists identify gene vital for rebuilding intestine after cancer treatment

The stem cells in our gut divide so fast that they create a completely new population of epithelial cells every week. But this quick division is also why radiation and chemotherapy wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal systems of cancer patients – such therapies target rapidly dividing cells. Scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and… Read more »

Low-level laser therapy ameliorates radiation dermatitis

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) ameliorated radiation dermatitis in a pilot trial conducted in 79 patients with breast cancer, known as the DERMIS trial. LLLT is a noninvasive modality that involves the application of light to injuries and lesions and promotes wound healing, the investigators explain, and the pilot study showed that it had beneficial effects… Read more »

Microfluidic protein array shows promise for predicting mucositis during radiotherapy

As part of a larger effort to develop and validate their own microfluidic protein array technology for a variety of applications, researchers from the University of Connecticut have published a report demonstrating that their platform can sensitively and accurately detect a panel of cytokines associated with the risk of oral mucositis, an often debilitating and… Read more »

Many patients with advanced form of larynx cancer not receiving recommended treatment

Despite findings of previous studies and published guidelines, nearly two-thirds of patients with T4a larynx (“voice box”) cancer are not receiving a total laryngectomy (surgical removal of the larynx), the recommended form of treatment, and as a result, have significantly worse survival rates versus those treated with a total laryngectomy, a new study published in… Read more »

Microbeams reduce skin injury

Radiation burn is a common, often painful side effect of radiotherapy. Pre-clinical research has shown that X-ray microbeam radiation delivery can reduce normal tissue damage. The combination of a very small beam spot and the ability to perform targeted irradiation makes it possible to selectively irradiate defined targets. MedicalPhysicsWeb

Perirectal spacing in prostate radiation: worth the cost?

Dr Gerald Chodak at Medscape talks about reducing side effects following radiotherapy of the prostate. One of the problems with radiation is that the rectum is approximating the prostate, and therefore there is a risk for rectal toxicity. An idea that has been around for a number of years is to inject an absorbable material… Read more »