University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Southampton General Hospital bolsters radiotherapy planning with training on new patient positioning systems

Clinicians and technicians benefit from simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance of Maxx 700 and 1100 CT room patient positioning laser technology

Southampton General Hospital, part of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, has recently installed the Cemar Electro Inc. Maxx 700 and Maxx 1100 patient positioning lasers from Oncology Systems Limited. The systems, installed as part of a new CT suite with equipment provided by Toshiba, are supporting all aspects of radiotherapy planning and were selected by the hospital for their ease of use, robust operation and cost-effectiveness. As part of the installation, radiographers, physicists and technicians working in the Radiotherapy Department received applications training from Oncology Systems Limited to support staff familiarity and confidence in the systems.

The Maxx series 700 is one of the most technologically advanced patient positioning systems available, combining a state-of-the-art design with simple operation and maintenance. The lasers are available in red, green and blue in both sagittal and crosshair modes. The remote control has been designed so as not to interfere with hospital wireless systems, supported by the system’s intuitive icon-based interface to help simplify training. Daily verification is also made simple through a one-step process and an automatic alignment verification system, designed to increase treatment accuracy.

The system is available in three different colours and as a free-standing unit or as a complete set enclosed within a gantry system. The system is also fully flexible with interchangeable colour modules and the modular laser diodes can be serviced by the user without removing the unit.

Inga Driver, Pre-Treatment Advanced Practice Radiographer at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, comments, “We knew Oncology Systems Limited was a proven partner as we worked with them closely in the implementation of our existing ProSoma virtual simulation software. Patient positioning technology is of course a basic necessity when it comes to radiotherapy planning and they were quick to suggest a solution that would meet our needs. The Maxx 700 and Maxx 1100 patient positioning lasers are easy to use, with an intuitive graphical interface. We can position patients accurately, drawing alignment marks on the relevant skin surface or immobilisation device. Furthermore, we anticipate smoother operation and less burden on the engineering team with these systems, thanks to their self-adjusting nature and quality assurance checks.”

David George, Service Manager at Oncology Systems Limited, comments, “With the installation of a new CT suite, there were clearly many considerations on hand for the team at Southampton General Hospital. We were pleased to help alleviate the burden with the installation and training provided around the Cemar Electro Maxx 700 and 1100 patient positioning lasers. We worked diligently with the Trust to ensure the systems were delivered as rapidly as possible, and quickly tackle any challenges that arose. With detailed applications training and systems that are intuitive by nature, we are confident that the hospital has the tools, knowledge and support it needs to position patients accurately and easily adjust the lasers to meet radiotherapy planning needs.”

Southampton’s radiotherapy department is one of the largest radiotherapy treatment centres in the south of England and is one of only 60 dedicated radiotherapy centres in the UK. It treats patients from Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Wiltshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex and the Channel Islands. The department specialises in treating children, patients with cancers affecting their brain and bone marrow transplants. It also has some of the most technically advanced equipment in the country.

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Picture caption: The team at Southampton General Hospital proudly present their new Maxx 700 and 1100 patient positioning lasers from Oncology Systems Limited. From Left to Right: [David George, Service Manager, OSL; Joe Schiavone, Installation Coordinator, Cemar Electro Inc; Chris Rajadass, Senior Pre-treatment Radiographer; James Buck, Senior Pre-treatment Radiographer; Inga Driver, Pre-Treatment Advanced Practice Radiographer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and Geoff Ascroft, Technical Support Engineer, OSL]