Patient Stories

Alison Young

Being told that she had two types of breast cancer but that – good news – one of them wasn’t life threatening wasn’t exactly the best way to end Alison’s summer holidays in 2015. As a single mum of an eight year old, it was a terrifying time, and it cast a long shadow over all the plans she had been making for the future. She was keen to get started on treatment as soon as possible and sighed with relief when she learnt that the cancer hadn’t spread beyond breast and lymph.

Unfortunately though, six months of chemotherapy didn’t shrink the 4cm lump in one breast and there was still a lump of considerable size in the lymph. So, after major surgery, she started on yet more chemo, with a month ‘off’ in order to have 15 sessions of radiotherapy (using the DIBH technique). The second chemotherapy has extended her total treatment time by six months so she’s now been going for nearly a year and still has to have the follow-up surgery. A long journey. But this time around, she’s able to keep her hair and even took a longed-for summer holiday with her son. So many good things have come out of this journey. She’s very excited about planning for the future and all kinds of exciting ventures. She’s been writing about all the amusing things that have happened on her treatment journey and may some day publish a book. Watch this space!

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