Patient Stories

Angharad Underwood

Angharad Underwood was 42 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2014. In January 2015 a lump, the size of a pea, was removed and the surgeon took some lymph nodes. The results were good in that the lump hadn’t spread, but bad in that it was undecided as to whether she needed chemo. After days researching and meetings with the oncologist she agreed to 6 sessions of chemo followed by 4 weeks of radiotherapy.

After diagnosis, she felt compelled to start a blog about her journey. The blog started as a form of private comfort, but she has been contacted by so many fellow patients, family members and friends of cancer sufferers that have found it such a great support that it has now gone public. She remembers her husband saying “If your story touches one person and makes it easier for them, then you know you have done the right thing.” You can find her blog here

Whilst undergoing treatment she has been working on her business and also organised a charity event for Velindre with a view to ‘giving back’. She has had fantastic support from Macmillan who have donated money for her travelling costs to Velindre and she would also like to mention the great treatment she has received from St David’s Hospice and all the staff of the NHS.

She is currently about to complete her radiotherapy and would very much like to have her hair back!