What is the Action Radiotherapy Champions Network?

On the 4th of February 2018 (World Cancer Day), the Action Radiotherapy Champions Network was established to help the radiotherapy community share success stories, tackle issues and raise awareness of best practice in radiotherapy. We are a group of radiotherapy professionals representing NHS and Private Sector radiotherapy units in the UK, led by a steering group who formed the network.

Champions Network Mission Statement

We are a network of radiotherapy professionals dedicated to supporting Action Radiotherapy. Our mission is to raise public awareness of radiotherapy treatment and careers by joining forces across the UK.

Get involved!

There are so many ways you can help! Click on "What we do” to see some examples. 

We’re always looking for new members and there are so many ways you can help. If you think you can donate some of your time to Action Radiotherapy, pleas let us know by using the button below:  


What we do

All the ways that you could be involved:

Take part in charity


Coordination of entrants for running events throughout the UK.

Everything from rallying the troops and helping set up Just Giving pages to mailing out AR vests 


fundraising events

Share your ideas for fundraising and help implement them within your department or further afield

Design promo


Use your design skills to come up with promotional leaflets or posters. If design isn't your thing, distribution is also a huge help!



Join in on monthly conference calls with your peers and share your ideas for how to spread the word about the work that Action Radiotherapy is doing

Link with the APPG

Share your opinions and ideas on radiotherapy services to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy



Publicise Action Radiotherapy's campaigns within your department and on social media

Support patient


We are developing a network of radiotherapy patient advocates, help us spread the word and attract new members from your region

Attend events and conferences

Attend conferences on behalf of Action Radiotherapy

Inspire the next generation

Visit schools and careers fairs to promote radiotherapy professions like therapeutic radiography