Patient Stories

David Ardron

Action Radiotherapy former Trustee David Ardron’s parents were both treated with radiotherapy and he feels passionately about the need for further investment in radiotherapy research.

His mother is still alive almost 20 years on from major surgery and radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer in 1994.

“We can now monitor images of patients as they receive radiotherapy in a way which was impossible 10 years ago, when my father was having his treatment for lung cancer,” says 58-year-old David, who lives in South Yorkshire.

Nowadays David is very much part of the medical world, travelling across the UK, and occasionally the globe, championing the cause of patients treated for cancer and the quest to find a cure. He was chair of the NCRI Consumer Liaison Group for four years until 2012, and is chair of a consumer research panel in the North Trent Cancer Research Network. The patients and carers he works with, all contribute to health research to ensure that any research is focussed on outcomes which are important to patients and their families. The panel in Sheffield held a conference in 2012 which invited members of the public to listen to radiotherapy researchers from Sheffield, Newcastle, London and Manchester speaking about their work in the field.

In 2011, as part of the Year of Radiotherapy, David wrote an article for The Times about the benefits of modern radiotherapy and the work of Action Radiotherapy.