Friends of AR

David Bradbury

Director, DB Nuclear Consultancy Ltd


Since retiring from the nuclear industry David has reflected on how much his life’s work had been hampered and frustrated by public fear and over-zealous official precautions concerning radiation exposure, and more recently how such factors have caused serious worry, concern and problems to people affected by nuclear accidents (for example at Fukushima and Chernobyl). It is well established that the effects of disruption and psychological trauma due to these accidents far exceeds any actual harm caused by radiation exposure.  He has also become aware that fear of radiation exposure is a serious concern to some people undergoing radiotherapy.  He now wants to help those who might be afraid of radiotherapy through his knowledge of the effects of radiation exposure and his experiences of a lifetime of working in radiation environments.

Before retiring, Dr. David Bradbury was MD of Bradtec Decon Technologies Ltd, a company which develops technology for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. He was involved in many new developments relating to management of radioactive waste and nuclear clean-up during his 40 years in the nuclear industry.  He is author of 15 patents and over 50 publications relating to nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management technology.  He has worked in many different countries on decommissioning and radioactive waste projects.