Patient Stories

Emma McCloskey

Emma McCloskey was diagnosed with a 7.7lb grade 3 mixed soft tissue sarcoma in September 2012 at the tender age of 29. She had surgery in September 2012 which involved the removal of 1¾ muscles from her right thigh. This was followed by intense physiotherapy and once her scar had fully healed, she had 30 days of radiotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – a 90 mile round trip every day for less than 60 seconds of treatment!

In September 2013 she discovered that she had three tumours on her lungs. She had 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by two surgeries to remove the remains of the tumours. She has been cancer free for over a year now. She has shared the details of her experiences so that others can really understand what it’s like living with cancer. If you’d like to read her story in more detail, she set up a blog about her experience which can be found here

Emma actively supports Sarcoma UK and the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Charity. She has featured in Sarcoma UK’s quarterly magazine and has allowed her medical team to use her case to share and raise awareness both at the British Sarcoma Group Conference and in the British Medical Journal.