Help us reach our fundraising target of £50,000!


As we come into a new financial year, we have set an ambitious target to raise £50,000 in order to continue to grow Action Radiotherapy and progress the important work we have started in the last 12 months.

Funding from our sponsors enables us to continue campaigning. We are making progress but recognise that there is much more to do. Your sponsorship will enable us to strengthen the identity of the charity and empower our communication efforts. In turn, this will help to increase the reach and impact of our messages and give radiotherapy the platform and investment it deserves as an essential and effective cancer treatment.



See below for more information on our work and what we could achieve with your help…

Huge thanks to those who have donated to help us reach our target


Raising the profile of radiotherapy at Government level


Action Radiotherapy is the Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary group for Radiotherapy (APPGRT). This means we carry out administrative and organisational duties so that a group of MPs from different political parties can work together towards improving radiotherapy. For instance, we support the APPGRT in raising questions about radiotherapy in the House of Commons; we are able to fact-check and provide expert opinion, ensuring questions can be as impactful as possible.

As part of our work for the APPGRT, we maintain a dedicated Twitter handle, mailing list, WhatsApp group and a webpage.


In July 2019, The APPGRT secured a voteable debate in the House of Commons, the vote was passed. The next step is for the APPGRT to meet with the Cancer Minister. With coordination from Action Radiotherapy, the APPGRT held two inquiries, bringing together a group of professionals, industry members, patients and charities to present evidence to MP members. The APPGRT published a report in August 2019 following the inquiries. The report details issues within the field and recommendations. The report was picked up by the media via the Press Association and has received much support from professional organisations associated with radiotherapy.


Professor Price donates her time for free to the APPGRT. The secretariat work is provided by Action Radiotherapy.


Making progress in this arena relies on dedicated time and resources for meticulous coordination and effective communication. With additional funding we will be able to continue and expand our secretariat duties with greater communication and dissemination of APPGRT activities.


Public campaigning


We ran a petition primarily through social media, ending in January 2019 and reaching over 10,000 signatures in 6 months. The petition called for urgent investment for radiotherapy. Garnering support for the petition relied on a determined social media effort as well as circulating postal leaflets and emails to radiotherapy departments across the UK. Driven by Action Radiotherapy, momentum built and professionals, patients and the public rallied together to exceed the 10,000 target eliciting a Government response and raising the voice of radiotherapy nationally.


We are the charity partner to the Radiotherapy4Life campaign. This campaign seeks to secure increased investment for radiotherapy equipment and workforce so that patients receive the best treatment for their cancer and the UK can be proud of a world-class radiotherapy service. We work closely with the campaign in gathering data, fact-checking and seeking expert opinion, to ensure the campaign are able to accurately highlight the key barriers facing radiotherapy and solutions.

Professor Price kindly donates her time to Radiotherapy4Life. Support for social media communications and research for stakeholders is provided by Action Radiotherapy’s part-time employees.


This work is crucial and can be extremely time consuming. Donations will secure our ability to continue supporting this vital campaign.  


Engaging with radiotherapy professionals


The Action Radiotherapy Champions network is a small group of radiotherapy professionals across a range of NHS and Private Sector radiotherapy units in the UK. The network was established last year to raise the charity’s profile within the radiotherapy community and support the charity in its aim to increase public awareness of radiotherapy. The members kindly volunteer their time to undertake a number of activities including promoting the charity’s activities amongst their local teams, careers outreach work, reviewing content for the charity’s website, and fundraising.


We compile and distribute a daily radiotherapy news bulletin to over 1000 subscribers. The Daily News is a collection of current academic and media articles relating to radiotherapy to help professionals stay up to date with developments in the area. This work is kindly funded by a donation from Varian. We also run a regular guest blog inviting authors to write about a subject of interest to the radiotherapy community. We have covered topics including career development, the UKs’ first NHS proton therapy facility, and advances in radiotherapy for breast cancer. We recently launched a closed forum to allow people working within radiotherapy to submit questions and discuss issues. The group is moderated by volunteers.


Building successful connections with the radiotherapy community is a vital aspect of our work to ensure our campaign efforts remain relevant and in tune with the people that matter. Additional resources will enable us to expand these connections and strengthen our awareness raising efforts.


Social media communication


We have a growing presence on social media, primarily Twitter, where we engage with patients and professionals, providing a reliable source of radiotherapy news and information. Our rising follower numbers and engagement levels reflect that we are meeting a need in this area but we know we can do more, for instance, we would like to develop a presence on Instagram and increase our engagement and support within patient communities.


Social media is a vital method of sharing our messages and raising the profile of radiotherapy. social media platforms and creating content is time consuming work. We require additional resources to continue and expand this work.


Action Radiotherapy Website


The website continues to be a valuable resource for radiotherapy professionals, patients and those looking for more information on the APPGRT. Maintaining and updating pages such as the Job Market and Events page is resource intensive work. Tracking hits using Google Analytics, we can see that our Blog page is very popular as well as the Job Market. As many as 20% of the site visitors are based outside of the UK.


Management of the website is time consuming and funding is needed to continue and expand to meet demand. Being the UK’s only dedicated resource of radiotherapy information, we would like to develop our resources and support for patients. One area for future expansion is a patient advocacy network through the website, we require additional funding to take this forward.



The charity’s Just Giving page receives donations from the public. It is a simple way to promote fundraising activities. One of our Champion network members completed a 100-mile bike ride raising over £500 using the Just Giving site. Building on last year’s progress, we have been encouraging individuals to take part in running events and raising fund to support our work. For the London 10K in July we had a group of over 30 taking part on behalf of the charity. Through social media we are encouraging individuals to sign up to Amazon Smile where 0.5% of items purchase price can be donated to Action Radiotherapy. We have also had a number of Facebook fundraisers from radiotherapy professionals and also members of the public with family members having undergone radiotherapy.


We are very keen to expand our fundraising efforts. We welcome more teams and individuals to support the charity in taking part in fundraising events.



Media relations


Thanks in-part to our campaigning efforts, there has been increased media coverage on the need for investment in radiotherapy. We have been developing links with the media to increase our profile as a reliable source of radiotherapy information. We have recently been quoted in the mainstream media.


We hope to expand our team and grow our media links so that we can be more responsive to media requests and be in the best position to provide expert opinion in the best interest of patients and professionals.