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About the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy

The Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) was formed in April 2020, to understand the challenges and opportunities facing radiotherapy delivery during the radical disruption of cancer services worldwide caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Timely advice and experience of adapting radiotherapy during the pandemic was shared by front line radiation oncologists from around the world via 3-weekly video meetings and daily website updates of relevant publications 


As the world moved through the pandemic the GCR momentum grew and virtual meetings attracted those with responsibility for global radiotherapy delivery: industry, providers of care, global health care organisations, patient advocates and radiotherapy professional leaders.


The need for a GCR in the post COVID-19 era is clear; a multidisciplinary group of leaders and a wide range of experts in radiotherapy to act as a hub of advice and collaboration to support the global radiotherapy community seize the opportunities for radiotherapy in technology advancement to adapt health care delivery.

How We Work



Leveraging all organisations work and experiences – a global Radiotherapy (RT) stakeholder coalition for all parties


Rapid collection and dissemination of data from international experience to be shared in one place


Learning from Global experience through sharing what is or is not working in various countries


Linking with industry to find technical solutions


Thinking at an advocacy and policy level for what is needed for Radiotherapy in the short, medium and long term

Blue Skies

Who We Are


Meeting resources and links

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12th October 2021

roundtable - “Can little radiation oncology sway big governments?” This discussion was be led by Prof. Anthony Zietman, former president of ASTRO and editor of the Red Journal

13th july 2021

Integrating radiotherapy in national cancer control programs: A city wide approach - Dr rolando camacho, dr thet ko aung and prof kin cho win

18th May 2021


Implementation and implementation science: how to improve global access to quality radiation therapy - Surbhi Grover, MD, MPH, University of Pennsylvania and Botswana-UPENN Partnership & US NCI; & Edward Trimble, MD, MPH, US NCI, NIH

13th April 2021


Dr Ajay Aggarwal: Public reporting of radiotherapy outcomes

9th February 2021

MEETING: “Putting the cloud to work to improve access to radiotherapy” Ben Nelms, Founder and Director of ProKnow and Benjamin Li, Founder & President of Rayos Contra Cancer and Radiation Oncology Residency, University of California San Francisco and the GCR "Strategic Framework discussion" Birgit Fleurent


8th December 2020

Prof. Yolande Lievens - Evidence and economics as drivers for change in global radiotherapy

13th October 2020

dr David Thomson - Radiation Fractionation Schedules Recommended During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review of the Quality of Evidence and Considerations for Future Development (Link to presentation deck)

1st September 2020

Birgit Fleurent presenting the gcr strategic plan expert input


28th July 2020

Colony Brown, Zero and Geraldine arias de goebl, IAEA - COVID-19 Impacts on the U.S. Prostate Cancer Community and IAEA Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy: Conduct of Cancer Control Assessments (imPACT Reviews) during COVID-19

7th July 2020

Professor Richard Sullivan - ‘The Future of Global Cancer in the Time of COVID?’Presentation deck

16th June 2020

Isabel Mestres talking about how c/can have responded to covid-19

Therese Linde - how can the GCR support advocacy efforts across the community?

Prof. Nagata - the current status of RT in Japan with covid-19 infection (link to presentation deck)

26th may 2020

dr Louis potters - presenting from new york city to the gcr 

dr julie torode, UICC director, special projects - covid-19 and cancer taskforce (link to presentation deck)

5th May 2020

Professor Filippi - presenting at the Global Coalition for Radiotherapy meeting

5th May 2020

Prof pat price - presenting the results of action Radiotherapy's flash survey

8th April 2020

global coalition for radiotherapy response to covid-19

prof Conghua Xie & prof Melvin L.K. Chua - Global Radiotherapy response to COVID-19 COVID-19 and Cancer: Experience from Wuhan City, China and Practical measures for radiotherapy services; Wuhan and Singapore experience


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