Friends of AR

Dr Jo Cresswell

Dr Jo Cresswell is a long-standing friend of Action Radiotherapy, and spent 8 years working with Prof Pat Price as Research Manager for the Academic Department of Radiation Oncology at the Christie Hospital. This enabled Jo to pursue her passion for clinical research, and gain an in-depth knowledge of both the power of radiotherapy to cure cancer, and the need for further research to deliver more accurate treatments to improve outcomes, reducing the short and long term impacts on patients following their treatment. Jo helped Pat Price to first set up the Academic Clinical Oncology and Radiobiology Research Network (ACORRN) in 2004/5, and was then instrumental in setting up Action Radiotherapy as a Charity in 2009/10. Jo herself was born with congenital heart problems and underwent corrective medical treatments in early childhood. While gratefully able to live an active life, she has first hand knowledge of managing a long term underlying health condition and the need to improve communication between medical professionals and patients.

Jo is currently Associate Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange at the University of Salford, where she had the pleasure of meeting diagnostic radiographers who have benefited from ACORRN’s work. She retains a passion in research, and the need to deliver real impact from that research. Outside work she is an enthusiastic amateur photographer, with an interest in photographing very small things, very close up – which is also helping her overcome her arachnophobia.