Patient Stories

Kurt Jewson

Kurt Jewson was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer at the age of 44 in September 2015, his symptoms having been dismissed a year earlier, as a urinary tract infection, by his GP. After spending a week or so seeing lots of doctors with grim faces and eager fingers, he decided upon the option of having his prostate removed by a robot and his cancerous gland was whipped out within the month. Unfortunately, despite great surgeon/robot teamwork, Kurt’s bowel was perforated during the procedure and he was rushed back into hospital 3 days later with septicaemia.

The next 6 weeks were spent in and out of critical care and it was touch and go for a while. After further complications, the decision was made for Kurt to undergo another operation and have a temporary ileostomy whilst they sorted out his various issues between bladder and bowel.

Soon after, he posted a photo of himself on Facebook, in just his pants, revealing his scars, ileostomy bag and catheter, in a bid to raise awareness of Prostate cancer amongst his friends. (It affects 1 in 8 men). The post went viral being shared over 250 000 times with a reach of 25 million!

As Kurt was deemed to be high risk, with a particularly aggressive cancer, and being so young, his medical team decided to throw the book at him, treatment wise. Kurt quite literally has had the lot: hormone therapy, prostatectomy, chemotherapy and now radiotherapy to the prostate bed, in the hope that this will all end up being curative.

Kurt is married to Lucy, has two sons, and is a co-founder of Ethical childrenswear brand, Frugi.