25th May 2021: This open letter was signed by radiotherapy professionals

Dear Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care,

We urge the Government and senior NHS leaders to boost and fund radiotherapy services to play a greater role in clearing the COVID induced cancer backlog.

It is an accepted fact in the cancer community, that the only way we can clear the covid-induced cancer backlog is for services to be ‘super boosted’ to above their pre-pandemic levels. Radiotherapy should be at the heart of this cancer service ‘super-boost’. Radiotherapy already plays a vital role in 4 in every 10 cancer cures, it is extremely cost-effective and can substitute for surgery and chemotherapy treatments to help bring down waiting lists. With the right investment, modernisation, and parallel investment in diagnostic radiology it can do so much more. More radiotherapy capacity can be unlocked through achievable changes in internal management, such as on tariff and commissioning reform. This has been supported by MPs with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy’s 6-point recovery plan.


However, we won’t unleash the full potential of radiotherapy if we are unwilling to fund it and embrace the technology advances available. Currently, it is estimated that half of Trusts are having to use radiotherapy machines that are past their recommended 10-year life span and there is a chronic underinvestment in the workforce. The UK has missed out on the radiotherapy technical advances and digital revolution available in other countries. Research from The Institute of Cancer Research, London, reveals the UK has poor access to the most modern forms of radiotherapy. Put simply, historic underinvestment in radiotherapy and an undeserved low profile has led to a radiotherapy and cancer treatment postcode lottery.

We face an unprecedented cancer crisis that needs urgent action. We note, with regret, that neither the Spending Round of 2020 nor the Budget 2021 committed investment in radiotherapy. Therefore, we call on the Government and senior NHS leaders to listen to front line staff and act upon solutions. We need an emergency response plan to secure an increased role for radiotherapy backed with the required investment and changes to working practices.

Yours Sincerely, 

We received 761 signatures below: 

Prof Pat Price, Chair, Action Radiotherapy

Professor Tim Maughan, Professor of Clinical Oncology, University of Oxford

Professor Jonathan Wadsley, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Professor David Bradley, Professor Emeritus, Radiation Physics

Professor Karol Sikora, medical director

Dr Jeng Ching, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Goudarz Mazdai, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Joanna Simpson, Consultant oncologist

Dr Virgil Sivoglo, Clinical Oncology Consultant

Dr Nicola Thorp, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Andy Gaya, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Rema Jyothirmayi, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Rajeev Kaushal, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Anna Lydon, Consultant clinical oncologist

Dr Mike Smith-Howell, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Russell Banner, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Omar Din, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Delia Pudney, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Sarah Needleman, Consultant Clinical oncologist

Dr Lai Cheng Yew, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr David Stewart, Clinical Oncologist

Dr Federica Bertini, Radiation Oncologist

Dr Vamsi raj Kota, Registrar

Dr Rema Jyothirmayi, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Bojidar, Consultant clinical oncologist

Dr Kevin Chiu, Clinical Oncologist

Dr Penny Kechagioglou, Clinical Oncologist

Dr Rajanee Bhana, Oncologist

Dr Victoria Wood, Clinical Oncologist

Dr Laura Pettit, Consultant Oncologist

Dr Ahmed Bedair, consultant oncologist

Dr Sarah Kingdon, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, Clinical Oncology

Libby pearson, Leisure attendant

Alison Vinall, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Karen Smith, Head of Radiotherapy

Nikki Blackler, Head of Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Siobhan Graham, Head of Radiotherapy

Mark Elsworthy, Macmillan Head of Radiotherapy

Maria Vassiliou, Therapeutic radiographer

Kim Meeking, Therapeutic Radiographer

Indie Hayes, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jo Mcnamara, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rebekah Lawes, Therapeutic Radiographer

Joanne Little, Therapeutic Radiographer

James Barber, Therapy radiographer

Darragh O'Donovan, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jennifer O'Brien, Therapeutic Radiographer

Bethan Stewart-Thomson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Naman Julka-Anderson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Elinor Barker, Therapeutic Radiographer

Fern Gibson, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Rhea Crighton, Cancer Matron

Pamela Bowen, Physicist

Kirstie Johnson, Radiotherapy Advanced Practitioner

Becky Wilkins, Radiotherapist

Erin Anderson, Senior therapeutic radiographer

Amy Taylor, Therapeutic Radiographer

Tara Lewis, Student Radiotherapist

June Dean, CUH Addenbrookes

Dani Carr, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rachel Morrison, Principal Radiotherapy Physicist

Richard Thorne, Senior Lecturer Therapeutic Radiography

Nathan Flannery, Xiel, Bristol

Jemma Shardlow, Therapeutic Radiographer

Moniek Jansen, Therapeutic Radiographer

Daniel West, Radiotherapy & Oncology Student

Lindsey white, Therapeutic radiographer

Sophie Clark, Therapeutic Radiographer

Neil Livingstone, Radiotherapy Services Manager

Elizabeth Nicol, Student

Alecia Hatherly, Work as a therapy radiographer

Emma Cooper, Radiographer

Angela McKenna, Clinical Scientist Radiotherapy Physics

Jayne Bell, Operations Manager

Steve Pullen, Varian

Rebecca Goldfinch, Macmillan Consultant Radiographer

Louise Turtle, Radiographer

Nicola Ann Brookes, Personal Assistant to Radiation Services

Vicky Hughes, Therapeutic Radiographer

liza siddall, Radiotherapy Physicist

Kirsty Starkey, Radiotherapy Student

Jessica Provan, Student therapeutic radiographer

mariam kalsoom, Therapeutic Radiographer

Wendy Lea, Personal Secretary, North West Cancer Centre

Sheila Ann Loughlin, Western Health and Social Care Trust, Londonderry

Sarah Foden, Therapy Radiographer

Dr Christina Heaton, Nurse

Elizabeth Southgate, Therapeutic radiographer

Robert Lally, Clinical Scientist Radiotherapy Physics

Elizabeth West, Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Stephanie Farrell, Radiotherapy team leader

Karen Bradley, Medical Professional (Radiotherapy)

Stephanie Ross, Radiotherapist

Hayley Dommett, Radiotherapy Operational manager

Christopher Stacey, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Rory Porteous, Therapeutic Radiographer

Michaela Morris, Radiotherapy

Mairead Daly, Radiographer

Sarah Griffiths, Macmillan Consultant Therapy Radiographer

John Tenny, Therapeutic Radiographer

Paul Andrew Evans, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Lynsey Rice, radiation therapist

Melissa Hill, Chief Dosimetrist, Radiotherapy Physics.

Helen Simpson, Consultant therapeutic radiographer

Ali Ahmed, Student Therapeutic Radiographer (year 3)

Leonie Hendry, Therapeutic Radiographer

Catherine Short, Therapeutic Radiographer

Eleanor Noden, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rebecca Wynne, Senior Therapeutic Radiographer

Heidi Mitchell, NHS, Lincoln

Carolyn O'Donovan, Radiotherapy Service Manager

Angela Hall, Dosimetry Therapy Radiographer

Zoi Giannaka, Dosimetrist

Karen Thorley, Dosimetrist, Medical Physics

Hayley Williams, Therapeutic radiographer

NIcki Ingram, Therapeutic specialist radiographer

Jo Strickland, Therapeutic Radiographer

Amanda Welsh, NHS

Jeanette Collings, Macmillan Support Radiographer

Jenna Everett, Radiotherapy Technical Lead

Kate Harley, Radiographer

Gemma Ainslie, Team Lead Therapeutic Radiographer

Louise Barnes, Therapy radiographer

Tony Griffiths, Installation Engineer

Louise Taylor, Radiotherapy

Theodora Skopidou, Radiotherapy Physicist

Claire Watson, Radiotherapy Dosimetrist

Emily Furnish, Dosimetrist

Georgios Ntentas, Senior Radiotherapy Physicist

Clare Livesey, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jayne Matthews, Therapy Radiographer

Rebecca O'Brien, Radiotherapy Treatment Lead

Carmella Freeman, Therapeutic Radiographer

katy gough, Advanced Practitioner

Kirsty Cotter-Mcleod, Therapy radiographer

Stewart Pegrum, Business development director, ViewRay

Elizabeth McGladrigan, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Jodie Edmunds, Therapeutic radiographer

Laura Elliott, Dosimetrist

Amy Houston, Therapy Radiography

Deborah Chambers, Therapeutic radiographer

Lorraine Fulman, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jakub Thornley, Lecturer

Claire Reynolds, Therapeutic radiographer

Lisa Jane Smith, Senior Therapy Radiographer

Lisa-Jane Conway, Therapeutic Radiographer

Bruce Pearman, Varian

Matthew Oliver, Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Dosimetrist

Kim Sanderson, Radiotherapy Services Manager

Simon Hooker, Varian

Robbie Robertson, Linear Accelerator Field Service Engineer

David Kynaston, BrainLab

Liz Raspa, Marketing Director

Thomas Carter, Marketer

Nicky Whilde, Clinical Scientist

Gary Summerhill, Regional Business Manager UK

Ruslan Huseynov, Healthcare Scientist

Nathalie Chadeau, Healthcare

Duyeon KIM, Field Service Engineer

David Clark, Radiotherapy Engineer

Amanda Kelly, Therapeutic Radiographer

Dr Melanie Clarkson, Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy and Oncology

Georgina smith, Radiotherapy student

Mohimna Malik, Therapeutic Radiographer

Shelley Shuttleworth, Therapeutic Radiographer

Tom Peri, Therapeutic Radiographer

Renita Horton, NHS

Amber Cottam, Therapeutic Radiographer

Lucy Bloomer, Student therapeutic radiographer

Emily Harrison, Therapeutic Radiographer

Richard Double, Manufacturing

Suzanne Jordan, Head of Radiotherapy

Lyndsay Smith, Adv. Practitioner Radiographer

Graham Double, Managing Director

Zoe Grant, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kathy Kylilis, Therapy Radiographer

Emma McClune, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rachael, Nhs worker

Victoria Miller, Therapeutic Radiographer

Adele lyons, Varian

Camille Richards, RGN

Danielle Jones, Therapeutic radiographer

Suzie McConnell, Therapeutic Radiographer

Erica Bennett, Radiation Therapist

Babylyn Catalla, Oncology advanced Nurse Practitioner

Btesam tabet, Student

Rachael Bailey, Proton Therapeutic Radiographer

Shasta Rashid, Senior Project Officer

Charli Parvin, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Abdelfattah Elmasry, UHNM

Charlie Nicholson, Therapeutic radiographer

Joanne McCarthy, Therapeutic Radiographer

Andrew Poynter, Clinical Scientist

Lucy Koh, Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer

Nick Lowry, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rebekah Devitt, Therapeutic Radiographer

Nicole Turner, Radiographer

Neil Harvey, Oncology Business Manager, UK BU

Sara Malik, Therapeutic radiographer

Frederique Moureau, Head of Patient Access

Deborah Thompson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Sarah Fisher, Consultant Radiographer

Katherine Winfield, Radiographer

Dawn Ennis, Therapeutic Radiographer

Corynne Cook, Therapeutic Radiographer

Charli Chmylowskyj, Therapeutic Radiographer

Lisa Goggin, Accuray

Graham John Chalmers, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Karl Greenland, Therapeutic Radiographer

Paul King, Varian

Paul Gearing, Head of European Market Access

Carolyn Ellis, Senior Therapy Radiographer

Menna Creed, Therapeutic Radiographer

Deirdre Dobson, Radiotherapy Radiographer

Lynn Alcorn, Therapeutic Radiography

samantha leith, Treatment planner

Emma McIntosh, Clinical Scientist - Radiotherapy

Gregory Smyth, Clinical Scientist

Timothy Atkins, Clinical Scientist (Radiotherapy)

Steven Weston, Clinical Scientist

Chris French, Lead Clinical Scientist, Radiotherapy Physics

Clemency Reid, Therapy Radiographer

Andreia Violas Santiago, University Hospitals Plymouth

Sarah Rourke, Radiotherapy Physics Clinical Trial Coordinator

Mr George L Penfold, Production manager

Asrar Samad, Manufacturer

Harriet Thompson, Radiographer

Brian Laframboise, SaaS Engagement Manager/Therapy Radiographer

Niamh Oultram, Student therapeutic radiographer

Lindsey Sorroll, Clinical Scientist

Paul Foote, Varian

Craig Buckley, Head of Research

Raafat Abdelsayed, Western health and social care trust

Connor Wilson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jaymisha Davda, Therapeutic radiographer

Briar Roberts, Senior Dosimetrist

Katie Potterton, Senior Dosimetrist

Lucie Hodge, Therapeutic radiographer

Will Kinnaird, Therapeutic radiographer

Abdul Ali, Quality Engineer

Cameron OConnor, Radiotherapy and Oncology Student

Kim Sharlene O'Dell, Cancer Care Program Manager (MBA)

Helen Jones, Therapeutic Radiographer

Elise Arnett, Radiotherapist

Rachael Williams, Therapeutic Radiographer

Mark Charity, Radiotherapy Applications Specialist

michelle bradley, Therapeutic Radiographer

Charlie Martin, Clinical Scientist in Radiotherapy Physics

Samantha Bostock, Therapeutic Radiographer - Advanced Practitioner MSc DCR(T) NMP

Martin Shingler, Clinical Scientist

Erica Chivers, Senior lecturer

Helen Grimes, Principal Radiotherapy Physicist

Andrew Edwards, Medical Physicist

Paula Cooper, Lead Therapeutic Radiographer

Madalena Fradoca, Therapeutic Radiographer

Charlotte Thorpe, Therapy Radiographer

M Melling, Lymphwhatoedema Community

Louise Drummond, Therapeutic Radiographer

Robyn Higginson, Therapy radiographer

Andrew Robinson, Clinical Scientist

Karen Walker, Research (Therapy) Radiographer

Gemma ekkeshis, Therapy radiographer

Dominic Morgan, CTSI Oncology Practice Solutions Ltd

James Bisson, Radiographer

Liz Crees, Clinical Scientist

Duncan Hynd, Radiographer and Company Director

Mukhtar Alshanqity, Medical Physicist

Mia Hodgson, Student therapeutic radiographer

Lisa Durrant, Therapeutic radiographers for survivorship

Kelly Hill, Chief Dosimetrist

Diana Hurnall, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jonathan McMillan, Radiographer

Kirsty-Anne Daly, Team Leader Therapy Radiographer

Mr Jamie Fairfoul, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Helen Taylor, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rosaleen Crouch, Advanced Practitioner Therapeutic Radiographer- Technique Development & IGRT

John Burton, Therapeutic Radiographer

Philip Charlton, Oxford University Hospitals

Zainab hussain,

Dr Isabel White, Cancer Nurse & Psychosexual Therapist in Oncology

Stacey Berridge, Therapy Radiographer

Rosie Cooke, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kathryn McGinty, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Sally  Mieu, Student therapeutic radiographer

Sonia Clearwater-Blunt, Radiation Therapist

Fiona Ryder, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kylie sheppard, Therapy Radiographer

Kathryn Hale, Radiographer

Amy Dodd, Superintendent Therapeutic Radiographer

Adeeba Halim, Therapeutic Radiographer

Ankuree Patel, Therapy Radiographer

Richard Harrison, Lead Dosimetrist

Deborah East, Therapeutic radiographer

Diana Nangaka, Therapy Radiographer

Ruth Wyatt, NHS

Emma Scully, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jessica Neville Lowe, Gynae Site Specialist Radiographer

Luise Walter, Radiotherapy Operational Manager

Louise Davis, Radiotherapy Advanced Practitioner

Kaba Keita, Therapeutic Radiographer

Nicola White, Dosimetrist

Bernadette Mortiboy, Technical Superintendent Radiotherapy

Tom Holland, Service Engineer

Jane Lamont, Therapeutic Radiographer

Leah Untisz-Sly, Team Lead Therapeutic Radiographer

Andrea Hirst, Therapeutic Radiographer

Alison Walker, Team Leader Therapeutic Radiographer

Jaweria Hayat, Therapeutic Radiographer

Lyndsey Francis, Therapeutic Radiographer

Claire Harrison, Radiographer

Barbara Harrison, Occupational Therapist

Bridget Adams Shaw, Not for profit managing Director

Catherine Soul-Williams, Radiographer

Rachel Hands, Optical Advisot

Louise Wem, Assistant Professor in Cancer & Palliative Care

Emma Woods, Therapy radiographer

Felicity Clapp, Therapeutic Radiographer

Frances Hall, Deputy Radiotherapy Service Manager

Frances Tod, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kim Whitlock, Consultant Therapeutic Radiographer

Dom Withers, Clinical Scientist, Radiotherapy Physics

Joe Whitbourn, Radiotherapy Physicist

Amy Collis, Junior Physicist, Radiation Protection

Dylan Megson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jessica Sowden, Lead Radiation Physicist

Andrew Shah, Head of Radiation Protection

Richard Speight, Principal Clinical Scientist

Darren Thompson, Radiotherapy Physicist

Jennifer Mehrer, Clinical Scientist

Lucy Faulkner, Radiotherapy Physics Technologist

Rebecca Hughes, Clinical Scientist

TERRY JONES, Medical Physicist

Dr Michael Brooks, Head of Ionising Radiation Physics

Peter Harding, Lead Dosimetry technician

Andrew Morgan, Radiotherapy Physicist

Adrian Porter, Medical Physicist

Simon Whittle, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Elaine Horder, Clinical Scientist

Douglas Etheridge, Head Radiotherapy Physics Technologist

Richard John Jarvis, Medical Physicist

Sarah Egan, Therapeutic Radiographer

Dr Ruth McLauchlan, Consultant Radiotherapy Physicist

Kathy Broadbent, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Adam El-qmache, Clinical Scientist

Dan Kirby, Clinical Scientist

Dr George Toworfe, Research Scientist

Vanessa Ohlendorf, Clinical Scientist

Hannah Carter, Medical Physics student

"Mr. Simon Chidgey, Technical Support Engineer, Angiography and Interventional X-ray Systems."

Stacy McEvoy, Administrator, Siemens Healthineers

Daniel Bullin, Trainee Clinical Scientist

Catherine Stanford-Edwards, Radiotherapy Clinical Scientist

Claire Hardiman, Head of Radiation Physics

Maurice Brice, East Midlands Radiotherapy Operational Delivery Network Manager

Janette Rawlinson, Lung cancer advocate

Daniel Freeman, Therapy Radiographer

Louise Killey, Radiotherapy Manager

Jonathan Timperley, Trainee Radiotherapist

Christopher Jackson, Dosimetrist

Lee Beresford, Radiotherapy Services Manager

james boyle, mechanical technician

Suresh Patel, Engineer

Sarah Robinson, Dosimetrist

Fatima Mahmood, Trainee Clinical Scientist

Oliver Steel, Radiotherapy Physicist

David Polley, Clinical Scientist

Hayley James, Clinical Scientist

Michelle Evans, Radiographer

Joshua Mason, radiotherapy physicist

Marie Tiffany, Clinical Scientist (Radiotherapy)

Graham Freestone, Radiotherapy Medical Physicist

claire bode, Therapeutic Radiographer

Sarah Evison, Deputy radiotherapy manager

Jack Miskell, Radiotherapy Physicist

David Cook, Head of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

lauren bell, Therapeutic Radiographer

Jeremy Burton, Therapeutic Radiographer

Laura Cross, Therapeutic Radiographer

Samir Dawoud, Clinical Scientist - Radiotherapy Physics

Michelle Knowles, Radiotherapy treatment booking coordinator

Elizabeth Macaulay, Consultant Physicist

Robert Richardson, Clinical Scientist

Maria Elliott-Hill, Radiotherapy Assistant

Elizabeth Jenkins, Radiotherapy radiographer

Natalie, Radiotherapy Physicist

Alexander Rollo Moore, Healthcare Scientist (Radiotherapy Physics)

Dr Gary Sidgwick, Radiotherapy Researcher

Nida Khan, Therapeutic Radiographer

Elizabeth Parvin, Senior lecturer, Medical Physics

Amira Hashmi, Therapeutic Radiographer

Charlotte Hewett, Bid manager

Tracy Underwood, Research radiotherapy physicist

Josie Bexon, Trainee Clinical Scientist

Kirsten Hughes, Radiotherapy Clinical Scientist

Gaynor Wardle, Healthcare Science support Worker Radiotherapy Physics

Josie, Radiographer

Ruth Beddows, Clinical Scientist Radiotherapy

Ellen Wescomb, Healthcare Science Practitioner

Rebecca Lindley, Therapeutic Radiographer

Vinaya Abraham, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Martin Cawley, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Greg Jolliffe, Clinical Scientist

Simon Thomas, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Gower Tan, Cancer volunteer and campaigner

Laura Binks, Lecturer

Susan Manoy, Medical Physicist

Megan Vaughan, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rebecca Shoosmith, Acting Chief Executive, Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

Angela Davey, Radiotherapy PhD Researcher

Catharine, Radiotherapy physicist

Gareth Cornell, Allied Health Professions Lead

Kitty Chan, Advanced Practice Radiation Therapist

Inoorak Butalia, Radiographer

Stuart Southgate, Registered Radiographer

Steven Young, Radiotherapy Physicist

Carol McLachlan, Therapeutic Radiographer

Petra Jacobs, Radiotherapy Services Manager

Ben Huard, Radiographer


Ruth Smith, Principal Therapeutic Radiographer

Jennifer Turnbull, Lecturer in Radiotherapy and Oncology

Anna Beaumont, Clinical Scientist, Radiotherapy Physics

Rachel Ball, Therapeutic radiographer

Natalie Woods, Member of public

Grahame Morris, Vice Chair APPG Radiotherapy

Phil Davies, Clinical Scientist

Clare Antoine, Physicist

Harriet, Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Technologist

Sophie Norman, Research Radiographer

Patrick Begley, Clinical Scientist

Patrick Begley, Clinical Scientist

Peter Charman, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Laura Russell, Lead Dosimetrist

John McKee, Operations

Chi Hang Michael LEE, Medical Physicist

Sarah Turner, Therapeutic Radiographer

Joanne Thomas, Therapy Radiographer

Veronica Rowlands, advanced prostate CNS

Astrid Rathbone, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Annie Prescott, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Ruvarashe, Student

Jane Skinner, Therapeutic Radiographer student

nasim irandoust, therapeutic radiographer

Megan Rachel Jones, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Barry McDonagh, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Eliza Pearson, Radiotherapy and Oncology

Nimrah Dar, Senior Radiotherapist

Lowri Jameson, Student Therapeutic Radiographer

Adam Williams, Trainee Clinical Scientist

Andrew John Poynter, Radiotherapy Physicist

Geraldine Revill, Clinical Scientist

Caroline Jones, Principal Clinical Scientist

Neil Richmond, Clinical Scientist

Martin Sullivan, Physicist

Luke Bird, Radiotherapy Physicist

Andrew Bromiley, Clinical Scientist

Nicholas Harding, Clinical Scientist

Matthew Bolt, Clinical Physicist

Leila Shelley, PhD, Senior Radiotherapy Physicist

John Lilley, Radiotherapy Physicist

James Young Methven BA CEng FIET FIPEM, Former Clinical Director of Oncology and Medical Physics

Samantha Warren, Medical Physicist

Jonathan Wyatt, Clinical Scientist

Dr Bilal Tahir, Senior Research Fellow

Richard Homer, Radiation Engineering Clinical Technologist

Chris O'Sullivan, Therapeutic Radiographer, Lecturer and Programme Director (Radiotherapy)

Amanda Howell, Therapy Radiographer

Andrea Sykes, Therapeutic Radiographer

Catherine Braithwaite, Mental health worker

Christina Malamateniou, Director of Postgraduate programme Radiography

Vicki Hands, Advanced Practice Radiographer

Michael Barlow, Clinical Scientist

Sharon Tatlow, Radiotherapy radiographer

Mafalda Feliciano, Head of Brachytherapy Physics

Emily Fittock, Clinical Scientist- Nuclear Medicine

Shelley Taylor, Clinical Scientist

Maryke Fox, Radiotherapy Physicist (NHS)

Laura Watts, Senior Clinical Scientist

Rebecca Moore, MPS Partnership Manager

Ursula Johnson, Lead Radiotherapy Physicist

Jennifer Gail Sparkes, Work for Healthcare sector with Siemens Healthineers

Sonia Curran, Section Lead Therapeutic Radiographer

lucy winch, Clinical Scientist

Tracy Sullivan, Radiotherapy Physicist

David Bird, Radiotherapy Clinical Scientist

Chris Bragg, Clinical Scientist

Benjamin Christopher Bown, Pre-Registration Radiotherapy Physicist

Hinesh Charadva, Clinical Scientist

Maria Hadjicosti, Clinical Scientist

Naomi Lockyer, Radiotherapy

Roy Andrew Crawford, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Judith Mott, Consultant Clinical Scientist (Radiotherapy)

Graham Cornish, Radiotherapy Physicist

Michelle Eyre, Radiotherapy Physicist

Mark Renison, Teacher of maths and physics

Hamish Porter, Senior Research Fellow (Radiotherapy Research)

Amna Yar, Clinical Application Specialist Radiotherapy

Pamela Bowen, Principal Physicist

Dr Scott Hanvey, Head of Dosimetry

Fiona Hanvey, Teacher

Ben Dixon, Lead Clinical Scientist- Radiotherapy Physics

Glenn Flux, Physicist

Carol West, Therapeutic Radiographer

Nino Manikandan, Radiotherapy Systems Specialist

Daniel Hutton, Therapeutic Radiographer

Fiona Johnson, Quality Assurance advisor

Judy Harris, Radiotherapy Service Development Manager

Aaron Singleton, Therapeutic radiographer

Julia Claire Lawrence, Therapy Radiographer

Julia Lawrence, Radiographer

David Inchley, Clinical Scientist Radiotherapy and Brachytherapy Lead

Alex Dowling, Therapeutic Radiographer

Danielle Shears, Therapeutic Radiographer

Georgia Pennock, Therapeutic Radiographer

Sophie Jones, Therapeutic Radiographer

Chloe Jones, Radiotherapy and Oncology Student

Ruth Williams, Therapeutic Radiographer

Karin Shmueli, MRI Physicist

Bethan Louise Williams, Therapeutic Radiographer

Penny Latimer, Radiotherapy Physicist

Sarah Moylan, Therapy Radiotherapy

Jose Eduardo Villarreal Barajas, Exeter

Gemma Rose Beck, Therapeutic Radiographer

Erin roberts, Student

James Bushell, Nurse

Lisa Mustoe, Newport

Steve davies, Teacher

Chenice Cranton, Student

Ben davies, Student

Gaby, Student

Holly, Student Radiographer

Clinton Olateju, Supporter

David Hamilton, Registered Clinical Scientist (Radiotherapy)

Joseph Flaherty, Deputy Head Radiotherapy Physics Technologist

Adam Turnbull, Therapeutic Radiographer

Luke Williams, Student

Debbie Holmes, Clinical Scientist

Simon Coughlan, Principal Dosimetrist

Robert Biggar, Lead Radiotherapy Physicist

Alison McKinlay, Therapy Radiographer

Isabel, Radiotherapy

Harvey Cornish, Therapeutic Radiographer

Priesh Mistry, Radiotherapy Engineer

Farah Ibrahim, Radiotherapy Engineer

Rebecca Tolboys, Therapy Radiographer

Colin Jennings, Deputy Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Cornelia Iosub, Health professional

Linda Welsh, Therapeutic Radiographer

Clare Hartill, Radiotherapy Services Manager

Lisa Tolson, Radiotherapy Service Manager

Annika Justine Evans, Allied Health Professional

Melissa Lovegrove, Therapy Planning Radiographer

Natalie Banfield, Radiotherapy

Sophie Allan, Medical Physics Student

Elizabeth Halliday, Superintendent Radiographer, Radiotherapy

Aled, Radiotherapy Physicist

Neil Dancer, Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Sonia Tankard, Radiotherapy Service Manager

Nicola Calvert, Senior Radiographer

Alice Witkowska, Therapeutic Radiographer

Elizabeth Wharram, Therapy Radiographer

Danielle Styles, Therapeutic Radiographer

Hazel Clarke, Therapeutic radiographer

David Buckle, Clinical scientist

David Frost, Therapeutic Radiographer

Mr KaWah LO, Senior Radiographer

Frida Hazara, Therapy radiographer

Bradley Robinson, therapy radiographer

Liam Wiles, Superintendent Therapeutic Radiographer

Andriy Zhylov, Dosimetrist

Koku Klutse, Therapeutic Radiographer

Temi Omooba, Therapy Radiographer

Richard Thorp, NHS, Hull University Teaching Hospitals

Dr Angela O'Neill, Therapeutic radiographer

Christopher Bowen, Radiotherapy Services Manager

Ben Walters, Therapeutic Radiographer

John Gittins, Deputy Head of Radiotherapy Physics

Klaudia Krzekotowska, Clinical Scientist

Rachel Trimble, Radiotherapy Physicist (Clinical Scientist)

sophie louise buller, Radiotherapist

Elizabeth Bentley, Therapeutic Radiographer

Nicholas Norris, Radiotherapy Engineer and Unison Rep.

Amanda Sydenham, Radiotherapy Radiographer

Elliot Caparros MSc DCRT, Therapeutic Radiographer-Deputy Service Manager

Suzanne Coupland, Advanced Imaging Lead Radiographer (Radiotherapy)

Laura Crowney, Radiographer

Najibolah Rahimi, trainee physicist

Mary GOSTICK, Therapeutic radiographer

Andrew Williams, Senior Lecturer in Radiotherapy

Kirstie Johnson, Radiotherapy Advanced Practitioner

Hannah Powell, Therapy Radiographer

Nicola Lewis, Student therapeutic radiographer

Will Sheppard, Researcher

Sarah Stuart, Therapeutic Radiographer

Rhona Watson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Anne-Marie Ankers, Radiographer

Kirsty Brown, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kirsty Nash, Senior specialist radiotherapist

Jennifer Gordon, Radiographer

Amy Comrie, Former physicist

Hannah Richardson, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kyle Cox, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kevin Denniss, Therapeutic Radiographer

David Scott, Vice President, Global Sales

Sarah Mullin, Lead Stereotactic Radiographer

Jean Tremlett, Radiographer

Nicholas Simon West, Newcastle upon Tyne

Kristy wallace, Therapeutic radiographer

Alex Flynn, Clinical Scientist

Vincent Allen, Radiotherapy Physicist

Steve Manley, Pre-registrant Clinical Scientist

Marieke van der Putten, Clinical scientist

JANE ROBSON, Senior Dosimetrist in Radiation Oncology

Joseph Bulloch, Radiotherapy Engineer

Michele Wilkinson, Principal Dosimetrist at Northern Centre for Cancer Care

Mairi Clark, Therapeutic Radiographer

Kenneth Hall, Sales Director / Senior Radiographer


Retired NHS professionals:

Dr Clive Harmer, Retired Consultant Oncologist

Karen Applegate, Retired clinical scientist

Ghislaine Boyd, Retired Head of Radiotherapy

David Prior, Retired Clinical Scientist

Helen Morgan, Retired Clinical Scientist, Radiotherapy

Bridget Robinson, Retired midwife

Leslie Robinson, Retired diagnostic radiographer

Lynne Omar, Retired therapy radiographer

Simon John Greenwood, Superintendent Planning Radiographer (Retired)

Mary Nixon, Retired therapy radiographer

Carole Steadman, Retired therapeutic radiographer

Sally Bayne, Retired Advanced Practice Radiographer

Gillian Stephen, Retired therapy radiographer

Professor Alan E Nahum, Retired researcher in Medical Physics and Radiobiology

Stuart Meldrum, Retired Clinical Scientist

Those who did not leave their profession:


Shannon Johnson

Charlotte Avery

Kerry Clark

Kathryn Shearer

Stephanie Kelly

Katy Wilson

Danielle clydesdale

Catherine Louise Whalley

Jenessa Gotsell

Andrew Grocott

Lyndsay Anne Bell

Adrian Axelsen

Haleema Saadia

Mia Thompson

Kate Buttrum

Alex Warner

Sanna Fitzgerald

Geena-Maria Barry

Jayshree Sanghrajka


Yasmin Wills

Nurul Karlberg

Kerry Dunn

Inbaraj Baskara Paulraj

Stephanie Prince

Carolina Napoleone Filho

Louise Rosato

John reece

Stephanie cole

Elsa van Garderen

Lauren taylor

Abigail Brathwaite

Aswa Khan

Craig Morgan

Rebecca murray

Cristina Ferreira

Desiree Sachsberger

Alys Williams

Olivia Alsford

Melanie Wilson

Simon Oliver

Tahzeem Humphries

Naima Ikram

Louise Bowden


Jess mee

Tina Havenhand

Adam Powsney

Rebecca Daws

Manisha Taggar

Venitta Rani

Kelly Connolly

Samantha Ballhausen

Elizabeth R Kelly

Samantha Story

Hermann Schaller

Michelle Logan

Jessica Caples

Jack Knight

Suzanne Johnston

Shelley Mitchell

Veerle Kersemans

Sarah Sandhu

Sandhya Pisharody

Lisa Payne

Charlotte Bond

Laura Doverty

Kate Smith

Mary Donaldson

Gabrielle Testa

Catherine Hitchings

Rupert Blackshaw

Emma Fellows-Brown

Natasha petrovic

Helen Peace

Tara Djanani

Kieran Venner

Nathan Wellings

Christos Makris

Mary visser

Victoria Lax

Talia milne

Clare baumhauer

Susan Arnett

Natasha Ward

Umayr Dauhoo


Sandra Swiergolik

Imogen Hayley

Faye Jones

Robert Wheller

Sheila Arter

Theo Oliver

Arron Crick

Ruth Harvey

Sean Madders

Chloe Palmer

Patients and Members of the Public:

Sarah Thompson

Neil Pearson

Jodie whittaker

M Dean Willems

Balwant Badesha

Joanna Pearson

Judith Potts

Mrs Jayne Lesley Hill

Gabrielle Ellen

Kay Rankin

Mary Fickling

David Sheppard

Diana Bright

Margaret Bushell

Rik Thornton

Libby pearson

Niza Iniguez

Fiona Kennedy

Joseph Dallman

sarah carol pritchard

Gillian Graham

Elisabeth Manning

Vassilia Williams

Jo Spencer

Patricia Snow

Dawn Lomas

Thomas Kinally

Kathryn Worrall


Kanchana Wickramasinghe

alexandra mills