Claire Poole - Advocacy for Radiotherapy

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

With the launch of the APPG Radiotherapy manifesto and petition, this is our time to develop our advocacy for Radiotherapy. Advocacy for Radiotherapy is about equipping patients with the information they need and providing channels for the patient voice to be heard. Here Claire Poole from Dublin talks about her work in the area. At Action Radiotherapy we are passionate about developing a group of patient advocates that can get involved in advocacy for Radiotherapy. Click here if you want to join the Patient Advocacy group and please let others know about Trinity’s online course for patients and their families.

My name is Claire Poole and I am an assistant professor and head of clinical education at Trinity College Dublin. I worked as a radiation therapist (RTT/therapeutic radiographer) worldwide for many years before moving to Ireland and working in academia.

I am passionate about advocating for radiation therapy as it is an underutilised treatment for cancer patients.

Did you know that 40% all cancer cures have radiation therapy as part of their management?

Over the years while working as a radiation therapist, I met many patients who were worried about receiving radiation therapy. When I spoke with them- they were very frightened and worried about getting what they perceived as a dangerous treatment. It is my aim and that of my colleague, Michelle Leech to dispel all the myths and misunderstandings about radiation therapy.

Explore radiation therapy with experts and patient advocates in a free online course

We have developed a free online course “From Diagnosis to Survivorship: An introduction to Radiation Oncology” for cancer patients and their families to find out more about this treatment. The course starts on the 3rd of September 2018 and you can access it HERE:

Radiation therapy is safe and very effective in cancer treatment. It is an advanced technology that is very precise.

Please come and join us on our free online course called ‘from Diagnosis to Survivorship: An introduction to Radiation Oncology” to hear patient’s own personal stories about how they found radiation treatment. There will be lots of discussion and input from experts also.

Contact Michelle Leech ( or Claire Poole ( for further information