Running for Radiotherapy

Leading up to the Virgin 10k on the 15th of July where a team of over 30 Radiotherapy professionals will be Running for Radiotherapy, we have decided to have a chat with a few radiotherapy professionals with a passion for running.

First up is Professor Pat Price, Chair of Action Radiotherapy and the lead in the charities role as secretariat for the newly formed APPG on Radiotherapy.

As a busy Academic Clinical Oncologist and Visiting Professor at the Division of Surgery within the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College, it is fair to say that Pat has a busy schedule. Pat like many busy people also enjoys running and joined Catherine Mercer to talk about why she thinks it is important to be Running for Radiotherapy.

When did you start running Pat?

I was always quite sporty, until work and children got in the way for 25 years!

I rashly signed-up for Race for Life in 2012, sedentary me who did not even know how far 5K was! The sage organiser reassured us “don’t worry ladies, even if you walk you will be back in an hour,” I was off, within 5 years I had run the London marathon. Proof, if I can do it anyone can!

Pat at the start of London Marathon with her sons Rory and Oliver

Why do you run?

How long have you got? The wind on my face; because I can and one day I won’t be able to; the endorphin high afterwards; the sense of achievement; to stay fit, healthy and mobile; to stave off unwelcome age-related pathology; time to myself and my thoughts; space to listen to those neglected, stimulating radio programmes; and to share amazing times with amazing people.

What has been your most special moment running?

So many special moments, the most memorable with my sons.

I was completely unprepared for my first half-marathon. My elder son ran the same race in 1 hour 27 minutes and then ran back 3 miles to run the last 3 miles with me. We crossed the line last, with the last runner car behind us, what a hero he was.

Both of my sons and I ran the London Marathon as novices. We set off together; the boys ran ahead; ran all the way together finishing in under 3.5 hours; crossing the line together and staying there waiting for me until I crossed much later. Amazing moment; we all made it.

Pat with her sons after completing the London Marathon

Why do you Run for Radiotherapy?

Well that is easy; great charity, great to run with folk from the radiotherapy community; great to get call-outs for the charity. On one half-marathon, as I was running, I even managed to explain what Running for Radiotherapy on my vest meant.

It is so important that we raise awareness for the charity to support all of those people who are affected by radiotherapy. My best friend died of cancer last year; we are all touched by it; we can all make a difference.

What inspires you about Action Radiotherapy Champions Network?

The radiotherapy professional community is absolutely amazing; so skilled, so caring, so important. They inspire me totally and it will be a great privilege to run with them on 15th July.

Running for Radiotherapy Campaign

Action Radiotherapy has a mission to raise awareness of Radiotherapy and provide information on the best radiotherapy treatment for an individual patient needs. We operate with a great deal of voluntary help from radiotherapy professionals; but need more funds to put towards our cause.

If you would like to support the Running for Radiotherapy campaign please donates using;

If you would like to wear the orange running vest and join two communities together to shine light on radiotherapy please email The profit from your vest will help support the work of Action Radiotherapy and you will look good in orange!

If you are taking part in a running event and you would like to raise money for Action Radiotherapy please email We would love to share your story on the Action Radiotherapy website.

Thank you for your support. We can all make a difference.

2016 Running for Radiotherapy Team