Vision RT Runners' Blog

A team of runners from Vision RT have come together to run the Virgin British 10k on the 15th of July 2018 in support of Action Radiotherapy. The Team includes members from different areas of the company: Radiation Therapists in Product Management, Test Engineers and HR representation. In this post, we interview the Team Captain and radiation therapist Glendale Leon.

Glen is a Canadian-trained Radiation Therapist of 16 years who has worked in clinics all over the world in Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. In recent years, he has moved into Product Management roles with Radiotherapy vendors Elekta, and in the last year with Vision RT in North London.

Vision RT is known for being the leader in Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT). Their technology enables the clinical users to monitor patients' 3D surface in real time, which enhances patient comfort and safety, and improves the efficiency of radiation therapy clinics.

When did you start running Glen?

I have been running recreationally for 20 years and have participated in a few 10k charity runs during this time.

Surprisingly, the rest of my team members who were quick to put their hands up for this upcoming event are all running novices and will be participating in their first 10k charity run!

Why do you run?

I travel quite a bit for work and for leisure and an early morning run is a great way to stay fit while seeing new surroundings and blend in with the locals. When at home, I also try to change my run routes often to keep it fresh and explore different neighborhoods.

My other team members' motivation to run ranges from wanting to achieve a physical and mental goal in hitting that finish line; to absolutely despising running, but will do it for a worthy cause.

What has been your most special moment running?

My most memorable run was completing a 10 mile course in the Arabian desert. I think I was duped into joining having been convinced it was going to be a dessert run, but I went with it nonetheless. I remember seeing only sand dunes in the horizon as the unforgiving sun beat down, but the feeling of crossing that finish line was euphoric.

Why are you ‘Running for Radiotherapy’?

I manage a radiotherapy professional social network group of over 10,000 global members where there is an active exchange of ideas, opinions and advice. From time to time, Radiation Therapists there reach out to the professional community for support and RTs, I observed, are very quick to respond. This is where I learned about Run for Radiotherapy and the call to raise funds and awareness for Action Radiotherapy and ARCNet. It is a fun and hopefully minimally painless way to bring a team together to offer support for advancement in radiotherapy research that will benefit patients and RTs.

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