Patient Stories

Robert Croft

Robert Croft is the first patient to take part in The Prostate Advances in Comparative Evidence (PACE) trial at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. As well as examining the surgery versus radiotherapy option, this trial involves investigating whether the number of radiotherapy treatments using SABR (administering greater doses with higher accuracy) can be reduced so that participants have just five sessions, as opposed to the 20 recommended.
Robert was told about the PACE trial and was asked to decide what suited him better, surgery or radiotherapy. He decided to go ahead with the trial as the chance to have a shorter course of radiotherapy treatment appealed to him. Robert was the first patient to take part in it, undergoing five radiotherapy treatments in a week at the hospital in Merseyside.

Robert has been impressed by his treatment and the staff at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and has stated that “This is a place where extraordinary things happen for ordinary people.”